Houmans Summer of 1962

The Main Difference Between Cabin's Up and Down the Hill . They both have
running water but in the Cabin's up the hill, You have to run and get it.

Right now we are using the most advance well-drilling techniques to get water up the Hill

The Cabin's up the Hill are heated using Wood.
You can chop your own if you want the exercise

Your Lucky. This is the First Year. We have added two new Features to our Cabins. We Have traded our truly functional but older "Iceboxes" that are made out of hand crafted Oak for Refrigerators. The Cabin's Down the hill have running water & showers added,but only 1, 2 and 11 have hot water. Hopefully in the next few months we will be able to have 12,13 and 14 with hot water also. The Communal shower is still available.


Welcome to Houman's Resort

House Rules.

New Feature's later this year.


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